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    Compelling short video creation for small business advertising to social media platform

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    Managed Hosting

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    We understand how busy it can become when managing a business. The Webnerds are here to make it easy by managing your hosting for you.

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    Affordable websites tailor made for startup small business needs

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    Domain name is your business address in the World Wide Web. Registering your address is one of the service that The Webnerds offer

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Website Design

Let us assist you in showcasing your business and what you can offer through our affordable website design packages. We provide affordable website design packages tailor made to meet your business needs and suit your pocket. From logo design, domains, websites, web hosting as well as short video advertising; we've got your business covered.

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Our Process


This is the stage where we find out details about your project and do some brainstorming with you. We will need to find out the general scope, what you envisioned your project should look like and your expectations. This is the stage where we inform you what we can and cannot do. We will clarify goals and expectations and where additional cost might be involve. This gives us a birds eye view of the project at hand so we can lay a foundation or a framework before we go ahead with the nitty gritty part.


Based on what we have initially gathered from our assessment, we will provide you with a mockup for website design or concept. This is the stage that we work on finalizing what design and layout to use for your project. Hence your honest feedback and clear understanding of what you expect is very important on this stage to ensure the success of this project.

Data Gathering

This is the stage when we consolidate the necessary information, data and images that will be included in building your project. These information might be provided by yourself or it can be provided by us defending on the scope of your project and what was agreed upon on the assessment stage. To meet certain deadline it is imperative that any information that is provided by yourself should be submitted in a timely manner to limit any delays with the project.


This is the stage when we have all the necessary information to start creating your project. From time to time you will still hear from us to provide you with updates or if we require additional information or confirmation. Communication will be more so if we are building a website for you. It is imperative that our lines of communication are open at this stage as this is the time that any problem or revisions can be easily resolved and implemented.


This is the final stage where your website is fully up and running online in the World wide Web. This is also when we start handing over documentations if any and do other steps to ensure that your project continues to succeed and speaks of your business.

Top Features

We all know that nowadays the use of mobile devices to access the internet has exponentially increased. Thus, it is but fitting for businesses to adjust to the needs of the time. Here at The Webnerds the websites that we design are responsive and mobile friendly. This means that your website can be easily viewed using devices other than a desktop. This also means that it can be viewed easily by users via mobile phones without the need to zoom in and zoom out.

What Clients Say About Us

  • Thank you for the patience! We have no idea what to do but you have been helpful through the entire process.

    Luna Ploma, Cavstra Transport Service

  • We were using an HTML website for our online business when we first started so every time a new stock or an new design needs to be added; we have to require the help of a programmer. The Webnerds has produce an e-commerce website for us that we can maintain on our own without costing us an arm and a leg.

    Fernan Naviamos, CPTPH

  • We wanted to have a website that will include an inventory and invoicing system that will also be integrated to a payment gateway. We found out that these kind of set up cost a lot of money than we have anticipated. The Webnerds was able to provide us with all these essentials taking into account our budget. Thanks guys!

    Marlyn O'Brien, Australiawide Wreckers

  • We have used The Webnerds from our very first website to our new revised website that is now mobile friendly and modern look. Thank you so much you have all been very good to us from our logo up to our managed hosting!

    Mark Millar , Millar Courier Service

About Us

Our Solutions

We know how challenging it is to manage your small business let alone manage its online presence. Here at The Webnerds we manage everything for your business' online presence by providing affordable and reliable Logo Design, Domain Name Registration, Website Design, Managed Webhosting and other services under one roof.

Our Mission

To be able to provide affordable and reliable services, guide and support to start up and small businesses in order to launch their online presence in the World Wide Web.

Our Visions

To be known as a leading provider of affordable and reliable services and resource information for start up and small businesses.