Domain Name: What are they?

Domain Name Registration

If you own a brick and mortar business that has never seen the digital world then you probably will have a big question mark plastered on your face if I mention domain name to you. An analogy between the brick and mortar shop and a digital shop might be easier to understand.

A brick and mortar shop normally have a shop name and it’s address so people can visit the shop. In the same manner a digital shop has a shop name as well as an address. The address of a digital shop is the domain name. This is the one that you type into your browser so people can visit your digital shop or website. This is how it will normally look on your browser:

Note that the website name or store name in most cases is the same as the domain name. However, this is not always true. Sometimes, the shop name is different from the domain name because the name of your choice is no longer available. It is recommended though, that your website or store name is the same as your domain name or at least similar to be consistent with your branding strategy.

Every domain name registered is unique.

Before you can register a domain name it will normally be checked automatically for availability. The whole system of domain name registration has it’s check and balance to ensure that there is no duplication. Domain name are normally charge per year and the price varying defending on the registrar you use or the type of domain that you purchase. Registering your domain name is the first step you will take to start your journey in setting up your business online.